Facebook Strategy for Authors

by Jane Friedman

If you’re like most authors I know, you’ve wondered about how to best use Facebook. Should you stick to your personal page, should you create a fan page, how do you promote a fan page, and what exactly does a marketing strategy look like on Facebook?

I’ve written several posts addressing the basics, as well as my personal strategy:

5 Principles for Using Facebook
3 Principles for Facebook Fan Pages
Too Many Facebook Friends: Blessing or Curse?

Writer Sarah Bartlett read these posts, and had further questions about Facebook strategy, which I was happy to answer. Our discussion is now available at her blog.Here’s a snippet:

First and foremost, realize that no matter what Facebook does with your profile page, or how the Timeline evolves, most people are interacting with your posts in their own newsfeed. Very few people visit your profile unless they have a reason to research you or be curious based on something you’ve posted. That means: Don’t sweat your Timeline too much. Yes, do fill out as much information on the about page that you’re comfortable sharing (especially for the public view), but beyond being clear about who you are, I don’t think the Timeline/profile format is meaningful from a marketing standpoint.

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