How To Be Discovered...By An Agent

By: Jeff Herman

It's not uncommon for writers to be contacted by excellent agents even in the absence of any solicitations. Many agents aren't able to find strong clients solely on the basis of their slush piles or referrals, and are strategically proactive as a result. They will cull the news; read well regarded short story journals; attend respected writer's conferences, and check out sites just like this one, WRITERS-AGENTS-EDITORS NETWORK,

We're a very new site and the agent community is only just beginning to notice us. But once they get a whiff of the undiscovered talent blossoming within our digital Eden, the agents will descend like locusts. When they do, will you be ready? Will you be discovered? Do you want to be? Because hundreds of agents will be randomly scanning the more than 2500 writer pages on a recurring basis looking for potential clients to establish direct contact with.

Of course, the organized Pitch Fest is a perfect way to put your work out there, and agents will be paying increasingly more visits in the days and weeks to come. But that's not the only way to be noticed, and it's not the only place agents will go hunting. Every member of Waenet is provided the space to build and post their own unique page. Some of you are making much smarter use of this opportunity than others, and they have a huge competitive edge over the rest of you as a result.

Being a face in the crowd isn't considered an accomplishment, but it's better than not even being in the crowd. When agents scan through the writer sections they will notice the ones with faces at the expense of the ones that have no face, and the ones they notice are the ones they will click. This is a true phenomenon in any universe. It's why consumer products are embellished with eye-catching packaging and thought provoking names. You don't have to look like Bradgelina. This is the book business not show business. A respectable photo that doesn't emanate negative or disturbing feelings is OK. Don't be passed-over for a stupid reason. Post a head-shot yesterday.

Once an agent hits your page, they will read whatever information you post and then may want to click your linked web site for more information. If you don't have a web site or you have failed to link it, they will most likely move to "next". Make sure you have a basic site that says intriguing things about you professionally and personally, and what it is you have or wish to write, and that it can be easily clicked from your Waenet page.

Following these basic steps will help ensure your chances of getting noticed and contacted. On a regular basis I will randomly visit and explore writer-member pages, and visibly designate a small number of you as my favorites. By doing this I hope to set an affirming example of the kinds of things agents look for, and to also help my fellow agents discover a few of the jewels our site is loaded with.

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