The Internet Factor Part II - Google

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By: Jeff Herman

Not only can none of us ever hide, but we can also make sure people find what we want them to.

Google has become the dominant search engine, to the extent that people now routinely say, “Google me/yourself/it/them.” That could change, by the way. A few decades ago we used to say, “Make me a Xerox.” I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen a Xerox machine in person. Whatever the brand, search engines are obviously here to stay, and will become progressively more precise and invasive.

Like the Amazon Factor, many consultants have emerged who charge top dollar to help people achieve top Google rankings. You can also just pay Google a lot of money for high visibility. One common formula is to pay every time you get a “hit.” However, this has been a big mistake for some entrepreneurs who ended up owing a lot of money for a huge surge of hits that failed to generate any actual sales. Everything has a learning curve, and we all try not to be the ones who get smashed into the curve while taking calculated risks. The bottom-line is that search engines, and the Internet in general, are still relatively new frontiers for creative “small fries,” which includes self-publishers, to score outsized results.

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