Know When To Hold, Know When To Fold

By: Jeff Herman

It’s your job to persevere. It’s your mission to proceed undaunted. Regardless of how many books about publishing you’ve read, or how many writers’ conferences you’ve attended, it’s up to no one but you to figure out how and when to change your strategy if you want to win at the book-publishing game.

If your initial query results are blanket rejects, then it may be time to back off, reflect, and revamp your query presentation or overall approach. If there are still no takers, you may be advised to reconceive your project in light of its less-than-glorious track record. Indeed, there might even come a time for you to use your experience and newfound knowledge of what does and doesn’t grab attention from editors and agents—and move on to that bolder, more innovative idea you’ve been nurturing in the back of your brain.
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