New Social Network Will Enable Writers, Agents & Editors to Connect, Communicate
& Cooperate Like Never Before--

For more information contact:

Deborah Herman
(413) 298-0077 

NEW YORK, NY – Oct 25, 2011 – is the first truly interactive Social Network for Writers, Agents and Editors. Agents and editors will use their own dedicated pages to post in their own words more information than exists anywhere else. Many innovative features and apps will provide enriching and enjoyable visits for all participants. The site will incorporate state-of-the-art Web 2.0 communication tools that enable real time conversations, information exchanges and archiving.

As a leading literary agent and top selling published author for 25 years, Jeff Herman understands the publishing business from all points of view. Herman says that writers are needlessly handicapped by a lack of access to agents and editors, which cloaks them from seeing and understanding how publishing functions and how to maximize their own value for mutual benefit.

“Agents, editors and writers are all on the same team, though we often don’t behave that way. There’s no telling how many wonderful and profitable books don’t get published due to an outdated editorial process. While technology has vastly and rapidly changed how editors, writers and agents work and communicate, the quality of the communications has actually declined.”

The WAE Network concept has been germinating with Jeff Herman and his business partner and spouse, Deborah Levine-Herman, for over 10 years. The Herman’ fortuitous meeting with serial entrepreneur David Borish, Founder & CEO of helped bring WAENet to life. Herman is also an Advisor for BP Wiz.

“I created the software BP Wiz as a free tool to help writers draft query letters and book proposals,  so when Jeff and Deborah told me about their ideas for the WAE Network, I knew right away that it was a perfect fit for BP Wiz,” says Borish.

WAENet is scheduled for a November launch. Until then anyone can sign-up at The first 1000 people who sign-up and share with their friends will receive a FREE Lifetime Membership.


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