2011 BookExpo America at the Javits Center, NYC

Adult Book & Author Breakfast during the BEA at the Jacob Javits Center
Adult Book & Author Breakfast during the BEA at the Jacob Javits Center
Last week, BP Wiz's founder David Borish and myself attended BookExpo America here in NYC. It took place at the Javits Center from May 23 through Thursday, May 26, 2011. The convention was an exclusive for industry members only.  It was packed with the who's who from the publishing industry.

You had the conservatives that believe the digital world is "ruining" the publishing industry. Then you had the modernist that believe this digital phase, which is in the middle of gaining a super sonic momentum, should be embraced.

At the end of the tiresome, yet knowledge-packed three days of walking over 174,000 sq ft, our stance on the publishing is ever so enforced.  David noted that the music industry had no choice, but to embrace the transition from CD's to digital music; the movie industry didn't event think twice and jumped on the digital movie bandwagon--it was only a matter of time before the publishing industry joined and took advantage of the changing times.  Real physical books will never go away, just like basic cable is till around.  However, times are changing.  I mean, I'm sure there were traditionalist that feared the extinction of the laborious (yet stylish and nostalgic) typewriters. I'm also sure that the same folks have already happily embraced the very efficient word-processor or computer.

We came across many organizations offering innovative tools that will helps authors succeed in this new digital world.  BP Wiz is one of these tools--allowing previous, current and future authors to grab hold of their passion in writing and telling their stories minus the conventional or traditional hindrances that existed i.e. expensive book proposal consultants.

In the next few months BP Wiz will be rolling out exciting enhancements to the software. I'm tempted to give you a little sneak peak at one of their plans, so I will! Cutting out the middle man and reaching the right publisher will be a more efficient process...that is all I will divulge for now!

Here are a few images taken at BEA, lots of celebrities attended.  Michael Moore, Jane Fonda, John Lithgow, and a litany of other star powers, authors, literary agents, etc...

Jane Fonda on BEA's Insight Stage
Michael Moore on BEA's Insight Stage
John Lithgow on BEA's Insight Stage
Jane Lynch on BEA's Insight Stage
BEA Attendees waiting to get on the show floor on Day 2
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