How to host an online book tour

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Host Your Own Event: Host A Blog Tour
Author: Alyice Edrich

When an author writes a book, he or she needs to find a way to get the world to take notice and buy that book. Traditional means for generating buzz about their books work great for extroverts or authors without children at home, but what about authors who are too shy to stand up in public to discuss the topics of their books or don’t want to leave their children at home while they travel the globe promoting their books? How can they let others know about their books and still stay home—where they’re needed most?

In the past, I’ve used the Internet to promote my e-books by visiting forums, message boards, and chat rooms. I’d locate topics related to my e-book’s theme and then briefly answer the poster’s question and complete the post by leaving a two to three line sales pitch in my signature line about how my e-book could help answer that question in more detail. The only problem with this method is that it’s time consuming and there’s definitely a thin line between promoting your product and being helpful.

Interviews have also been a great way to promote my e-books and to build credibility, but trying to locate magazines willing to interview an unknown or up-and-coming author, let alone a self-published author can be daunting. Editors prefer to interview BIG name authors who can sell more copies of their magazine.

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