7 Reasons to Publish a Blog

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by Mark Nichol

You still don’t have a blog? Below, check out seven arguments for writers joining the blogosphere.

Weblogs, universally referred to as blogs, are websites formatted as journals, with posts, or individual entries, that can be accessed in reverse chronological order. (Usually, a few of the most recent posts are visible on the home page, and site visitors can click through to pages featuring previous posts or to an archive page.) They range widely in tone from silly to sober and in topic from adorable cats to international politics and everything in between — but perhaps it hasn’t occurred to you how valuable they can be for your writing or editing business or for the company you work for.

If you don’t already have a blog, or your current one is about your personal life or a topic unrelated to your profession, consider creating one that serves as an extension of your work. Post news, information, and analysis about pertinent topics, trends, products, or events.

Content can take the form of news briefs, essays, reports, white papers, reviews, interviews, polls, surveys, and FAQs (a list of actual or prospective frequently asked questions about a topic), among other forms. Supplement written posts with photographs, graphics, video, and audio. Provide links to related websites and other blogs, and ask webmasters and bloggers to do the same for your blog. Whenever you quote from or refer to an online article or other document, link to it.

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