Bilbary E-Books Set To Reconnect Publishers With Libraries

John Farrell, Forbes Contributor

One of the vital connections between public libraries and the big publishers has been lost during the e-book revolution, and one new British company wants to get it back.

I spoke recently with Tim Coates, a veteran bookseller and the founder of Bilbary, a new Web-based consumer e-book library and retail bookstore, to ask him what made his company different from other e-book providers.

“We work with public libraries, which distinguishes us from what some of the larger more commercial operations are doing,” he told me in a Skype interview. “The origin lies with work that I’ve done over many years with public libraries–and the statistic that more reading takes place even nowadays of books which have come from the public library service than come from the bookstores.”

Well over 2 billion books are read from the collections in public libraries every year, according to Coates, while the number of books read from those bought in bookstores is 1 to 1.2 billion. CLICK HEREto read the full story.

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