Five Common Writing Mistakes That Bloggers Make – and How to Fix Them

I spend a lot of time working with bloggers. Most of them are pretty good writers – but they end up making some all-too-common mistakes. This means losing readers’ interest and attention – and losing potential customers.

Are you making any of these five mistakes?
#1: Missing Out Calls to Action

A “call to action” is where you encourage the reader to do something, normally at the end of a post. It might look like this:

Thoughts? Questions? Please share in the comments.
(If you’re on the homepage, click on the headline and scroll down to find the comments)

– From The New Style of Writing for the Net (Are You Up with the Play?)

In this simple call to action, Mary not only encourages the reader to leave a comment, she also pre-empts a possible question they might have on how to do that.

Your call to action should create a win/win scenario for you and the reader. For instance:
“Leave a comment below” – increases your comment count and the chance of this reader coming back, and makes it more likely that the reader will remember/use the material you’ve provided
“Subscribe to my newsletter” – adds the reader to your list, and means the reader will get valuable tips/advice/ideas/offers/etc from you. For More CLICK HERE

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