How to Get Distribution for a Self-Published Book

If you are a self-published or aspiring self-published author than chances are you are excited by the title alone. One of the only things that has kept the publishing industry afloat, is their distribution relationships. The ABA published a great article on the subject and they say;

"In response to the growing number of self-published authors seeking shelf space at indie bookstores, savvy booksellers are establishing programs that clearly define their requirements and streamline the consignment process. Profitable programs range from a no-questions-asked spot in a store’s consignment section to an elaborate, tiered event option, including signings, readings, and publicity." CLICK HERE to check out the article and learn how to get distribution in some of the indie bookstores around the country.

Galley Cat has also published some great information in an article they recently released explaining how to get your book into Barnes and Noble and other book store chains. CLICK HERE to check it out.

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