How To Build A Successful Career As A Published Writer

Kathryn Casey, Forbes Contributor

Whenever I have a new book out, I emerge from the confines of my office, momentarily unlatched from my computer, eyes blurred from months of staring at the screen, ready to meet the world and do book signings.

Now, let’s be honest. What I’m there for is to connect with people who enjoy reading and, I hope, sell some books.

Meanwhile, the reasons for those who attend signings vary. Some folks like to drop in just to say hello and tell me that they enjoy my books. Others stop by to ask questions and bring up different aspects of the cases in my books or inquire about the inspiration for my fictional characters.

While those are the main reasons, at least one person in the audience is an aspiring author, someone who dreams of being published. They go for two reasons. First, they inquire about what it’s really like to write books. Second, they’re hoping for pointers on how to get started, how to make their own dreams come true. CLICK HERE to read the full story.

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