Are Waterproof Books on the Way? Scientists have developed paper that’s waterproof

Science has proven itself useful yet again. Researchers in Italy have discovered a way to make paper, and other fibers, waterproof, magnetic, flourescent, or even antibacterial.

Whether you’re a fan of e-readers or good old-fashioned paper, reading near water is, and always has been, a scary proposition. Well, my dry and rain-frightened friends, science may have an answer for you and its called nanotechnology. Using a new nanotechnological process, Italian researchers have created paper that is waterproof, magnetic, and antibacterial (no germs!) without changing any of its basic properties, reports Forbes.

“The properties of the paper are not changed in any way and the paper is still printable,” Dr. Roberto Cingolani told Forbes. “The properties of nanoparticles are transferred to the material making it either waterproof or antibacterial, even florescent if you wanted.”CLICK HERE to read how it works.

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