How To Successfully Promote A Book On Social Media With A Little Help From Your Friends

Most Authors realize early in their careers that in order to become a successful well known writer, they must know how to market themselves and their book. The problem is know what one needs to do and knowing how to do it, are two different things. Forbes contributor and Author Cathy Scott details what she did the day of her book launch to get all the way up to #22 on the Amazon list for her category. The best part is she did it all without spending a dime on marketing. Check out the article below to see what she did.

Cathy Scott, Forbes Contributor

Tuesday of this week started out like any other day – except that it marked the official release of my eighth (and sixth true crime) book.

It was March 27, and I had nothing formally planned for the release until April 13 for a joint book launch with friend and fellow Forbes blogger Victoria Pynchon and her latest book, Success as a Mediator for Dummies.The Marriage Of Two Genres -- True Crime And Animal Rescue -- And The Book Deals That Follow.

So, I hit the ground running. It turned out to be a remarkable book day.

I first emailed friend and columnist Steve Miller, who writes an eZine he sends to a mailing list of readers for his daily missives about the latest goings on in big crime cases in the Las Vegas Valley. I provided him with the verbiage and the links and asked if he would mind sending it out to his eZine list. This is what he sent (thanks, Steve!):

Recommended reading

The latest book written by Cathy Scott, a true crime author, award-winning journalist and Las Vegas resident, is THE MILLIONAIRE’S WIFE, which was officially released today. THE MILLIONAIRE’S WIFE is a true story of a Manhattan real estate tycoon and a marriage that ended in murder. It has been submitted for an Edgar Award.
Here’s a link to the book. And here’s a link to her latest post on the Forbes blog ‘Crime, She Writes.’Then I went to LinkedIn and posted, along with a link to the Amazon book page in my status bar, by writing: CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article.

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