Pinterest Boards for Book Lovers

Last week we joined the newest craze on the internet Pinterest and created boards for our members to post on, Galley Cat posted a great article that I wanted to share with my readers. Check out Galley Cat's list of Pinterest boards for Book Lovers below. 
Pinterest Boards for Book Lovers
1. Goodreads: Users of this social network can click the “Pin This” button on any book and add it to Pinterest.
2. Be My Valentine: Literary Valentine’s Day gift ideas from Chronicle Books.
3. Books Worth Reading: collection of recommended books from Pinterest users.
4. Reading Group Night recipes: tasty ideas and pictures from Vintage & Anchor Books
5. Vintage Scholastic: Explore images from your childhood reading experiences
6. Book Tattoos: a large collection of book tattoos
7. Book Cover Design: a board illustrating clever book cover design tricks
8. Journal and Crafting Supplies: creative ways to make your writing journal more beautiful
9. I Heart Paper: Paper lovers of the world can find all sorts of new supplies here
10. Bookshelves: Explore this VAST collection of inspiring bookshelves around the world.

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