Survey Says Publishers Not So Optimistic about E-Books

The 99 thousand dollar question in the publishing world is with all the hype around e-readers and e-books, will people start reading more?

According to a Digital Book World survey conducted by Forrester Research, Inc in late 2011, book publishers representing 74% of U.S. publishing revenues were surveyed on a wide range of topics concerning digital books and when asked whether they thought more people will read books than did before, thanks to digital, 47% said yes, down from 66% a year ago. When asked if people will read more books than before, thanks to digital, 60% said yes, down from 66% last year. (Full results from the survey will be presented by Forrester analyst James McQuivey at the upcoming Digital Book World Conference and Expo in New York City.)

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Ipad,Kindle all have contributed to promote books & attracting more readers.