Looking for the 50% Solution

E-books and other forms of digital content are transforming all aspects of the book publishing industry. While the transition from print to digital is not moving at the same pace for all segments, within five years it is generally believed that e-book sales will account for about half of trade revenues. With that in mind, PW asked nine executives to tell us how their company is preparing for that eventuality and what impact it will have on their businesses. A clear theme running through these essays is that, while a few years ago traditional companies were more frightened about the digital challenges than excited about the opportunities, that equation is now reversed. Publishers, booksellers, distributors, and agents are busily reworking their operations to take advantage, as Sourcebooks’ Dominique Raccah notes, of a future “with more readers, more writers, and more outlets than ever before.” CLICK HERE to read the full article.

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