The Internet Factor Part I - Amazon

By: Jeff Herman

Over the last couple of years, many self-publishers have discovered clever ways for their books to reach the top 100 ranking on Amazon; a few have even managed to hit the #1 spot. The same is also true for some conventionally published authors.

Several highly paid consultants have made it their specialty to teach authors how to manipulate Amazon sales. It basically comes down to getting as many people as possible to buy the book from Amazon on a given day, which artificially spikes its ranking. Due to the growing prevalence of this strategy, it’s not uncommon for an obscure book to abruptly become an Amazon Bestseller for a single day, and then revert to its natural stratospheric ranking.

The Amazon sales probably have nil impact on brick-and-mortar sales, and the marketing costs to drive the sales probably eat whatever extra revenues are generated. So why do it? There are many valid reasons, such as: 1) Even fleeting visibility generated by a high ranking might attract lasting momentum and attention. 2) It’s valuable and feels good to say and document that you were an Amazon Bestseller. 3) It might achieve specific professional benefits that go beyond simply selling a book.

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