Amazon Launches a New Way for Independent Authors to Generate Revenue

With the recent backlash from the major Publishing houses about Amazon's lending library, Amazon launches KDP Select a fund that will actually give Authors and Publishers a share of the 6 Million dollar fund for giving Amazon a 90 day exclusivity on their books and allow the books to then be checked out through Amazon's lending library.

The Author will receive a monthly royalty payment for each title that is in the Amazon's library and that will be based on the amount of times the book is borrowed.

“By choosing KDP Select, independent authors and publishers have an opportunity to make money in a whole new way and reach the growing audience of Amazon Prime members,” said Russ Grandinetti, VP of Kindle Content, in a statement. “A short 90-day commitment allows authors and publishers to experiment at very low risk. In addition, free promotions are a new tool for KDP Select authors, and we hope to add more such tools over time.”

Personally, I think if the royalties are equivalent to standard royalties, this could work for Amazon, because it is giving Authors an additional way to generate revenues.

To learn more about the program CLICK HERE.

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