Rejected…Again - The Process and the Art of Perseverance

By: Jeff Herman

Trying to sell your writing is in many ways similar to perpetually applying for employment, and it’s likely you will run into many walls. That can hurt. But even the Great Wall of China has a beginning and an end—for it’s simply an external barrier erected for strategic purposes. In my experience, the most insurmountable walls are the ones in our heads. Anything that is artificially crafted can and will be overcome by people who are resourceful and determined enough to
do it.

Naturally, the reality of rejection cannot be completely circumvented. It is, however, constructive to envision each wall as a friendly challenge to your resourcefulness, determination, and strength. There are many people who got through the old Berlin Wall because for them it was a challenge and a symbol—a place to begin, not stop.

The world of publishing is a potentially hostile environment, especially for the writer. Our deepest aspirations can be put to rest without our having achieved peace or satisfaction. But it is within each of us to learn about this special soil and blossom to our fullest. No rejection is fatal until the writer walks away from the battle, leaving the written work behind, undefended and unwanted.

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