Rewriting the rules: How Amazon could cut e-book prices by cutting out publishers

Amazon is luring authors to abandon publishers and offer books through Amazon directly. Will the move disrupt traditional publishing...or at least lead to cheaper ebooks?

Amazon has long been heralded as the enemy of the brick-and-mortar bookstore, offering consumers a huge selection of titles via mail order at prices even the largest booksellers have trouble matching. Over time, Amazon expanded its online marketplace horizontally, adding clothing, groceries, computers, games, tech, tools, and myriad other products to its online shelves. But, with the Kindle, the company came back to its roots as a bookseller and launched a new ecosystem of electronic books. Kindle e-books have proven very popular, with the likes of Barnes & Noble and Apple jumping into the e-book business and Amazon noting at the beginning of the year that Kindle e-books are even outselling paperbacks. CLICK HERE to read the full story. 

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