Novelist Polly Courtney dumps HarperCollins to return to self-publishing

Polly Courtney goes back to self-publishing
The beauty of living in America and having options.  If there wasn't a sign of the development and successes behind self-publishing your book, there is one now.
"Novelist Polly Courtney has dropped her publisher HarperCollins for giving her books “condescending and fluffy” covers aimed at the chick lit market.
Courtney self-published Golden Handcuffs, a fictional exposé of life in the City, in 2006 after quitting her job as an investment banker, following it up in 2008 with Poles Apart, about an ambitious Polish graduate who moves to London. Their success helped land her a three-book deal with HarperCollins imprint Avon, but at the launch of the third book, It’s A Man’s World, she announced that she would not be working with the publisher again.
Instead, she is planning to return to the world of self-publishing."
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