The Life + Salaries of magazine and book editors

The Life + Salaries of magazine and book editors
Wonderful read.  Puts the industries of magazines and books into perspective.  They're basically not doing too bad.
"Earlier last week, Folio magazine released its 2011 Editorial Salary Survey for magazine editors. The results revealed a significant increase in editor-in-chief salaries in three out of four geographic regions; the West saw average salaries drop to $72,400—down from $83,000 in 2010. Editorial director salaries in the New York area averaged $108,900 (a spike of about $10,000 up from last year). A gender gap between male and female editorial executives still remains, according to the numbers, despite the increase in both salary pools. In 2005, New York magazine published “Who Makes How Much,” a salary guide giving us a brassy look into the bank accounts of media’s biggest names. Salaries ranged from $650,000 for a newspaper editor to $1 million prominent title at a Condé Nast publication."

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