Hire-a-Pirate takes aim at high cost textbooks – unlocks rented digital textbooks

Hire-a-Pirate takes aim at high cost textbooks
I'm sure students across the globe will favor this.  It's a loophole that either needs to be fixed or left alone.
"With some students hoping to beat the high cost textbooks by renting digital versions of textbooks, a group called the Library Pirates say they can unlock rental books and plan to distribute them online for free.
Here’s how the scheme, called Hire-a-Pirate, works. A student, or a group of students, rents a textbook from an eBook distributor. These are usually sold at discounted rates, and are only accessible for a preset time — a semester, a quarter, etc. — at different price points. Once purchased, the buyer of the book sends the download info to Library Pirates who nab the book and strip it of its DRM. Reformed into a free and permanent PDF, the pirates make the book available via torrent to the purchaser(s). Oh, and anyone else that happens to want it."

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