Countdown To the Re-launch of the New BP Wiz Book Publishing Wizard

I was fortunate enough to attend the Book Expo 2011 at the Jacob Javits center here in New York this past May. During the 3 days that I was there, I went from booth to booth speaking to every publisher, agent and writer I could about BP Wiz and about their experience with the book proposal writing and submitting process. What I heard was somewhat surprising!

Writers told us that once they completed their book proposal, they had to go back and re-do it for every publisher and literary agent they sent it out to. The reason for this is everyone's submission guidelines are different. 

Publishers and agents told us that they rarely received book proposals as they request in their submission guidelines, and they spend time sorting through looking for the information that is important to them. 

So we listened and decided to address the problems head on!

First we modified our standard book proposal wizard software which will now be completely FREE to use. 

Next we added a full publisher database to BP Wiz and incorporated each publishers specific submission guidelines into the software, taking you step by step through their specific guidelines. The cost for the publishers search & submission guidelines wizard will be $19.99 per month No Contract Required. 

And lastly we added the ability for users to sign in using their favorite social networks. 

So be on the lookout, we will be announcing the official re-launch of BP Wiz, Now Book Publishing Wizard in the next few days!

David Borish
Co-Founder & CEO of BP Wiz

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