Scribblitt, a Westport mom's idea to help kids publish their own books

A great story and the reaffirmation that success is always tied into what you're passionate about, because we all know success involves more than just financial gains....right?
"Children can write stories directly into page templates, load their scanned artwork and use a pick-and-click illustration tool if they want more professional-looking art to go along with their text. They can use tools such as Story Starters to help generate ideas and as well as Scribblitt's planning tool for tips on key areas of the story structure.

'It's like having their own desk with their own files,' Bergstein said. And when a child's book or comic is complete, she or he can share it by posting it to the 'library.'

Stories can be published online at no cost, but if a child wants a hard cover, bound book that can join Dr. Seuss on the bookshelf, a parent can order one for $24.99.

Bergstein says she didn't start Scrbblitt with the goal of making money. In fact, she won't accept ads on the site because she thinks children already are bombarded by too much commercialism."
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