Power shifting in the e-book wars...who to win?

Great image from GIGAom. Could you image?!
GIGAom had a fantastic article the other day written by Matthew Ingram.  He discuss the tug of war, so to speak, currently underway between traditional publishers, self-publishers, and e-books in general.  This is a topic that will be discuss ad nauseum...until everyone comes to the understanding that innovation is not only key to development, but something that's beyond everyone's control.
"...the traditional book-publishing business continues to be disrupted, with some self-published authors such as Amanda Hocking making millions of dollars without using a traditional agent or publisher, by selling their own books through Amazon’s Kindle platform. In the latest sign of this disruption, author John Locke — who earlier this year became the first self-published author to sell a million ebooks — has signed an innovative deal with publisher Simon & Schuster that shows at least some players in the industry are thinking about how to adapt to the shifting balance of power."
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