Amazon Kindle has the worst customer support then other ereaders, according to BI

For those that consider the purchase of an ereader an investment (which I'm sure most of us do), regardless of the price, this review post is very interesting.  Imagine being on the cusp of the climax of the book you're reading and bang! an ugly white screen there's no way to fix it but to purchase another one.  So one thinks, but low-and-behold, there are exceptional brands that offer exceptional customer service.

Scores included B+ for the Nook, B for the Sony Reader, and an A for iPad.  I'm sure most of you are not surprised about the iPad.  Yesterday, I visited my local Apple store and despite the almost 1/2 hr backup at the genius lab, I was greeted with the giddiest of smiles.

"Amazon’s Kindle: As with other Amazon departments, the customer service aspect of its Kindle department is limited to non-existent. A free, customer-service support forum online offers questions and answers from other customers, but that’s not going to help anyone in need of a specific technical fix that other customers can’t explain. (It does, however, help with more basic questions, such as how to share Kindle books.)"

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