Library of Alexandria Collection now available on Espresso Book Machine Network

The Library of Alexandria and On Demand Books, the company behind the Espresso Book Machine® (EBM), today announced that 19,000 titles from the collection of the Library are now available on the
worldwide network of EBMs, and a further 150,000 Arabic titles, also from the Library, will be available soon.

Essentially an ATM for books, the patented EBM and its EspressNet® software system links to a vast network of content, enabling the instant distribution of books, on demand, at point of sale. With the push of a button, the technology prints, binds, and trims a paperback book, in any language, with a full-color cover, in minutes. It is an environmentally friendly technology since it eliminates shipping, returns, and the pulping of unwanted books. The Library of Alexandria installed one of the first early-generation EBMs and has since installed two additional EBMs.

“The Library of Alexandria is the place for the largest Arabic Digital Library worldwide.” says Dr Ismail Serageldin, Director of the Library of Alexandria. “And availing the collection on the global network of EBMs, comes in accordance with the Library’s mission in the dissemination of knowledge to all people at all times, and in bridging the Arabic culture with the rest of the world.” He added, “EBMs and their EspressNet software system represent a cutting-edge business model for delivering all flavors of knowledge anywhere around the world. And we are keen here at the Library of Alexandria to take part in this remarkable endeavor.”

“We are delighted to offer titles from the collection of the Library of Alexandria, one of the world’s great cultural institutions,” says Dane Neller, the CEO of On Demand Books. “Our technology is ideal for distributing books across borders, since it eliminates shipping and uses encrypted digital files to produce physical books at point of need in minutes. Our technology dramatically expands access to these remarkable titles, which include many Arabic-language classics, making them available to readers and scholars around the world.”

On Demand Books was cofounded in 2003 by Jason Epstein, former Editorial Director of  Random House; Dane Neller, former CEO of Dean & DeLuca; and Thor Sigvaldason, former technology consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Espresso Book Machines have been placed in bookstores, libraries, universities, and other locations in the USA, Canada, the UK, the Middle  East, Asia, Australia, and the Caribbean.  In September 2010, On Demand Books and Xerox announced a partnership whereby Xerox will market, sell or lease, and service the Espresso Book Machine worldwide. Made in the USA, Espresso Book Machines are environmentally friendly green machines. For more information go to

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