Book industry balance continues to tilt towards the author

Book industry balance continues to tilt towards author. Image © Kitsen

This article recently appeared on I was wondering why the premise of the title made a headline. Is it really breaking news that the book industry runs on the fuel of authors? Isn't it obvious that the balance should be tilted towards authors?

Mathew Ingram writes an amazing article on this subject, that may blow your mind...or not.

"Every week, it seems there is more evidence that the balance of power in the book industry continues to tilt towards the author and away from the all-powerful publisher. One of the latest examples is John Green, who writes fiction for young adults from his home in Indianapolis, and whose latest novel has hit number one before it has even been published. Green gives credit for this phenomenon to his Twitter and YouTube followers, but the real credit should go to him for being willing to not just use social media as a promotional tool the way some do, but to actually reach out and engage with his readers and fans."
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