Dear Genie, here is Ebook readers’ #1 wish

ebook readers one wish at bea

Publishing Trends released a remarkable report for June. Along with who got hired, fired, promoted, and demoted, PT also included very intriguing statistics that were gathered during BEA.

In the roundup you’ll find that ebook readers happen to make up a large portion of book sales (larger than you’d expect). Amazon’s kindle dominates the market…well sort of, and ebook readers have one lovely wish.

Bowker has just released two major reports: At BEA, PubTrack looked at ebook
buyers, and found that 18% of buyers represent 61% of purchasing dollars, with
80% owning dedicated ereaders. Amazon dominates, with 65% of the ebook
market, though Kindles account for only 41%. Overall, women now comprise 66%
of the ebook market, buying mostly fiction. The #1 wish ebook buyers express
is being able to “give or lend ebook when you’re done with it.”

On the other hand, you will find this tidbit quite intriguing.  Despite this report, Bowker released their numbers—showing a 5% increase in traditional print sales.

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