Monty Python writer Terry Jones wants to connect directly with you

monty python

Terry Jones is hopping on one of the most innovative and progressive platforms that will allow authors to bypass traditional publishers and connect directly with you, their readers—the reason they tell their stories. 

It’s called and Jones termed it “just what publishing needs.”   You can read all the details on it on the, but basically it allows writers to present their book ideas online to readers (directly).  If the readers love the idea, they then proceed to pledge financial support to the authors.  Once writers raise enough money to get going, they write the book.

What do readers get in return?  Well, those that did provide financial support through will receive compensation via an ebook, a limited first edition or even lunch with the author, all depending on their level of investment.

Do we predict an outcry from traditionalists? Yes Groundbreaking? Yes.  Will change the publishing world, possibly forever?  Yes indeedy, and we’re excited.

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